Certified bicycle parking systems

FietsParKeur Standard

Certified bicycle parking systems

Cycling is healthy. Various studies show that cyclists have a longer life expectancy and enjoy a healthier life style than average. To increase the number of people cycling, attention should also be paid to bicycle parking. Parking a bicycle should be simple, safe and comfortable. A decent rack protects your bicycle as well as your neighbour’s bicycle.  A bicycle parking system that meets these and other requirements qualifies for a license from FIETSPARKEUR, the independent foundation to guarantee the quality of bicycle parking systems.

The FIETSPARKEUR standard is made up of a series of stringent assessments which aim to eliminate poorly designed, flimsy, unsecure cycle parking and increase best practice by overseeing the user-friendliness, sturdiness, security, durability and lifespan of cycle racks.

Different stakeholders all have different requirements for bicycle parking systems. These requirements are translated by the Council of Experts into dimensions and standards, laid down in the Normative Document (version 2.5 - in Dutch). This document contains requirements such as:

  • Forces required to operate a two tier cycle rack
  • Ease of use of positioning a bicycle
  • Requirements for the width of the system (center-to-center distances) in order to guarantee compact parking (especially important in underground parking facilities)
  • Robustness: is the system resistant to vandalism or improper use
  • Theft prevention; adequate provision and the ease of use of it in locking a bicycle to the system to prevent theft

In the FIETSPARKEUR Foundation, all institutions that have an interest in safe and comfortable bicycle parking systems are involved, and have a seat on the Council of Experts (College van Deskundigen):

In order to judge differences of opinion about application of the FIETSPARKEUR licence the broadly based Council of Experts oversees updates and adjustments of the standards. FIETSPARKEUR possesses its own premises to test systems, using various types of standardised bicycles.

The board of FIETSPARKEUR consists of three people:

  1. A representative of the Fietsersbond, the Dutch Cyclists Union
  2. A representative of a manufacturer of bicycle parking systems affiliated with the Street Furniture Association
  3. An independent chairman

All these different expectations place high demands on the manufacturer to design a system that can meet the different requirements. To obtain a license, a manufacturer needs to offer the system for a practical test (a test day). The Council of Experts tests the bicycle parking system in practice to assess whether the requirements set out in the Normative Document are met. If the system meets the requirements, the license is granted and the system is listed on this website www.fietsparkeur.nl -> Keuzewijzer

The FIETSPARKEUR standards have been in existence ever since 1998 and have gained a solid reputation. Many tenders refer to these standards.

Broad support for FIETSPARKEUR
FietsParKeur has fulfilled a general wish to provide cyclists with facilities that are of better quality. Among others, the Dutch railway company NS has by now replaced many bicycle stands at train stations with systems carrying the FietsParKeur license. Many other customers of bicycle parking systems, such as local authorities, companies, schools and other crowd-pullers prove to be willing to invest in quality facilities as well. By now well over a third of all bicycle parking systems sold carries FIETSPARKEUR. In the Netherlands about one and a half million systems with this certification have been installed since 1998.

For more information on FIETSPARKEUR:

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